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new decks big improvement
« on: August 14, 2004, 09:36:53 AM »
I am so pleased with new decks I just had to share it here.  Last fall my  18 foot Hewescraft Sea Runner was performing poorly, especially with hunting pal, camping gear and a moose in it.  I started looking for a fix.  I had noticed the wooden decks were mighty heavy when I had replaced the water logged floatation a couple years ago.

So I pulled out some deck pieces and weighed them.  A 12 x 28 inch piece weighed 13 pounds and was dripping water.  A 26 x 63 inch piece was over 40 pounds, a 63 x 48 piece weighed 72 pounds - also dripping water .  That did it.  I decided to spend the $ and replace the wood decks with 1/8 aluminum diamond plate.  The replacement piece for that small deck weighed 5 pounds, the 48 x63 weighed 36 or 37 pounds.  All told, I've reduced deck weight by 113 pounds - weighed.  The boat trims out much better, floats higher, and handles with much more agility.  I gained 3 to 6 mhp on smooth water, and I can haul a lot more gear, gas, or meat than before.  At  $14.83 +tax / square foot it was expensive but at $3.52 / gal for gas in Dillingham AK and a rumored $3.90/ gal in Ekwok (if they'll sell it to you) I figure I'll recover my costs fairly quickly - and the deck will never get water soaked again.  Another advantage,  fish slime, game blood and other stuff can't soak in to the deck to stink and attract bears.

I checked, my replaced floatation was still dry and light.  I got rid of the old urethane roofing sheets.  Cut 1 and 2 inch pink foam blocks, then painted each piece with 2 coats of gloss Latex enamel.  It seems to work much better.

'Course it helped to tune the jet impeller too.
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