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Re: Savage A22 Magnum.
« Reply #30 on: March 07, 2021, 05:42:08 PM »
Sorry to hear of your loss of all that ammo..  How did you happen to have it all with you when the boat tipped?

  Those Winchester Dynapoints...  I just don't get it, but the Dynapoints seem to be a product that guys either love...or love to hate!
   Some guys say they have performed very well for them, while other like myself, were never fans of them!

  Some guys like the Remington Thunderbolts, while some of us don't like them either...same goes with Winchester Wildcats..  But at one time, many years ago, the Winchester T-22s were my "go to" rounds for accuracy, until CCI Standards came onto the scene.
I had planned a long hunting and fishing trip and thought Id need plenty of ammo as I floated the Ocmulgee several hundred miles .  Sadly my boat turned over in the rapids below Jackson lake dam and all was lost.
My dynapoints would shoot minute-of-squirrel-head at 50 yards in my old sears 43.
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