Author Topic: been doing a torcher test  (Read 756 times)

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been doing a torcher test
« on: September 12, 2020, 12:33:44 AM »
have one of my glock 22s in a micro roni folding brace set up. I also have 5 coffee cans full of lube sized 40 sw ammo that i want to burn up and load back up with MUCH cleaner pc coated bullets. So if figured a test would be cool. Im going to shoot this thing till it quits running without cleaning it. Anyone thats shot one of these micro ronis know they make your gun filthy because the barrel of your glock ends inside of it. A 100 rounds and your gun looks like its shot 500. So far ive done one coffee can and am about half way through the second without one bobble of any kind. No ideal how many rounds fit in a 3lb (well i guess there not 3 lbs anymore) coffee can but id bet bet between 600 and a 1000. Popped the gun out of it yesterday and it looks like it was coated in black grease! Just stuck it back in and didnt even wipe it off. Lots of good guns these days but i have to wonder how many other then glocks would hold up to that. I even refused to use my glock brand high capacity mags and am using pro mags and those clear ones. Ive loaded 10 long sticks and shot them as fast as i could shoot drop a man and slap another in and kept going.
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