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The Gift .22 . . . . . With issues.
« on: August 13, 2020, 07:22:15 PM »
This was my first hand experience with the 1971 Remington 552 jam-O-matic.[/Im posting this so others may learn from my novice mistakes.I have no gunsmithing training.Just a novice gun tinker.

05-27-2016 I just got this older Remington 552 speedmaster earlier today and its missing the rear sight, barrel stamped W 7 Quick Google check of Remington mfg letter stamps puts this mfg July 1971?

The Numrich parts schematic rear sights only shows two types, neither of which look like what Im looking at on this particular rifle.The gun was given to a fellow (the local gun tinker) because it wont feed, and he robbed the sight off it and gave me the rifle, from the looks of it, was someones old camp gun (NW Alaska has quite a few of those beat to heck but not shot that much) that got a face lift, stock looks like itd been sanded and finished and metal all looks like was spray painted (esp where the sight used to be) there is powder residue (soot) inside the spent case deflector so it must have developed feeding issue not long after its face lift?

So have to figure out why it wont feed.05-29-2016 I just finished cleaning her out, the lube itd been lubed with mixed with spent powder residue and little glittering metallic crumbs that look allot like Remington Golden bullet plating.Lots of crud on bolt and the ejector.

It function tested ok, rounds cycled through the action flawlessly.06-20-2016 Id been gone a week for work and finally had a chance to try out the old 552 Saturday afternoon.

That morning all the sight parts were in.Who woudda thought a single sight screw was $6.90??And Id had to buy two.Well Im all jazzed to try it, my transp is down for mx so walked the 1.4 mi to a suitable place to try it and found it had issues.

Chambering the first round went without a hitch.Pulled the trigger and click, cleared the round and checked it (had a good firing pin dent) chambered the second round and it shot as it should, the third round was a dud (striker dented as well) funny how the particular federal rounds I had were not firing.The 2 rounds out of 7 went off.the rest was clearing duds from the action.The last dud round wouldn't eject after it wouldn't go off.

I brought it home and managed to eject the dud without resorting to a cleaning rod.All the while we were out there, the mosquitoes came out and chewed on us pretty good.Next time I will bring a couple different brands of New ammo instead of a partial box of mixed rounds, I pulled it apart and looked for something that could be causing it to not fire, double load and jamb and stick a dud.Weak extractor? Boogered chamber mouth from dry firing, and there are other things to look at but where to begin?

Then I got busy and it sat in the corner gathering dust since then, now its another summer has passed since Id looked inside the 552 Jam-A-Matic. 8-23-2017 I'm positive it couldn't have been shot so much it could have been worn out, it was a camp gun, Id be surprised if it'd ever shot more than 2000 rounds in its whole life.So Im thinking its gunk, burrs or something is not assembled correctly . . . just what that may be is the question.

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Re: The Gift .22 . . . . . With issues.
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2020, 07:24:16 PM »
Well everything seems to function ok when cycling live rounds through it, the thing is what happens during the firing cycle, acts differently, this rifle firing .22 shorts should cycle the action, the rubber buffer is to soften the recoil of the long rifles.

 Im thinking I'll have to study the hammer, sear, disconnector for something that just dont jibe. All summer That free Remington 552 jam-a-matic had been sitting there in the corner gathering dust and I know to fix its ailments its going to involve using my brain, I could just buy new parts till it works but my father always stressed trouble shooting something before foolishly throwing money away.

So I did some googling of Remington 552 jam's and other cycling issues.60% the forum threads discussed bad ammunition.In my case I had a mixture different ages of Federal bulk, CCI blazer and Remington Golden.So was it ammunition?

I have my doubts.For it to choke on almost all of them I suspect its something with the rifle, this ex-camp gun most likely had seen harsh environment but Im skeptical that its worn out, Id be surprised if it'd seen as much rounds through it as a run the mill 552 plinker that chewed thrugh several bricks would have , but what could its ailment be?

Burrs?Quite a few posts on different forums about nicked up bolt guides , boogered firing pin's with burrs even on the on the hammer, some posts about wobbly hammer causing side binding, still others on dirty and worn sear notch fit, and then there was this one Odd post that seemed to jump out at me.reguarding a misassembly that can cause all sorts of mayham.

Gun Hub forum post by nctorberson Feb 02, 2014 reply #4Quote: 'disconnector is above thesmall lever that allows hammer to **** before the trigger resets. It must be below it'

That got my attention and now Im all fired up to tear that thing back open to check it again, according to Gun Hub, there was a posted photo but that is only viewable to Gun Hub members.It'd cool to see that photo, but I think I will just forge ahead with that scant advice and check it out for myself.

I might have to check Brownells .22 rimfire iron to burnish the chamber as its possible dryfiring could have boogered up the rim of the chamber as live rounds cycle through just fine but to have a round stick after the firing pin strikes the case (stuck dud) it just might be one the other issues this rife has to work through.

In the past Ive used a taper punch to clear chamber boogers.I think I might have to check out Ebay. has Remington service manuals for this model. NOTE: For some reason they canceled the order and refunded my money.Some noise about not shipping to NW Alaska.