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CVA Bobcat sights
« on: June 26, 2020, 04:01:20 PM »
Hi guys! Still new to the reloaded site, and maybe no one will care about this.....but who can say?

I bought a great little 36 Cal  CVA off the other Graybeard site, and although I'm as happy as a pig in stink with it, these old eyes, even withe the cataract surguries couldn't really acquire the rifle sights properly. My only recousre, other than a scope, which would be sort ofuntraditional, is a peep sight.

If anyone else has one of these muzzleloaders, and managed to find a decent peep for it, you probably had a pretty tough time locating a taller front sight that would work. I didn't find any taller front sight, but Track of the Wolf had some "blade sheet metal", and the dovetail bases to fit CVA! Well, I have the raw materials in the mail, the Williams WGRS-CVA mounted on the barrel, (a perfect match), and I can't wait to finish the project.

The other glitch was a less than premium lock, (Walmart sold these originally for $50, you get what you pay for), and the internal psrts gouged the lock plate causing the trigger  pull to suffer as a result. The solution here was to use a file, then 2500 grit wet/dri sandpaper to smooth the defects, and while evrything else was piled up on the bench, to remove any and all "rough" edges from the sear, tumbler, and even the inside of the cock (hammer), resulting in a really desirable trigger pull that is a lot lighter.

While I was at it, even with the problem areas smoothed out, I decided to harden the lock plate to minimize the possibility of a recurrence. This was done using Brownells Hardening Compound according to the directions on the container. Well, I really won't know the durability of the fix for some time, but it looks pretty good so far.

The barrel is actually a great, super accurate shooter!, And that in my mind makes the entire project worthwhile. I have absolutely no complaints.....I knew what I bought, and I am greatful that a FUN groundhog gun will be the end result, and it has already paid for itself by occupying my time in "quarentine".

I welcome any thoughts, comments, or descriptions of similar experiences! :)