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Find It, Fix It , Drive It
« on: February 02, 2020, 11:27:01 AM »
This is a new show on PBS about two older British dudes who go around doing the title with machinery from cars to bike to tractors.They just bought a old Ferguson Tractor they are going to fix up and an old two-bottom plow they are going to enter in a British Plowing championship competition.Plowing competition on the other side of the pond is a very, very big item, so it wil be interesting , after the two get the gear in tip-top shape how they do but they do not have high hopes as the one doing the plowing has not done it since he was a  boy.

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Re: Find It, Fix It , Drive It
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2020, 12:25:18 AM »
my son in law is a diesel mechanic by trade. Ever since ive known him hes had a ram diesel and a car. He keeps fixing that old truck that has over 300k on it. He buys cars that need work. Either motor or tranny is shot or need paint or both. He fixes them mechanicaly and works on the side at a buddy who has one of those buy a car at an auction and turn it over places. His buddy does paint so he basically works for free paint jobs. He buys a car gets it going then sells the previous one. Then he rebuilds repaints ect the next project and then turn it over. He started with cheap 4 cyl cars. Just sold a hemi charger that was once a police car that you would never know it was. Now hes working on a 2014 cadilac that has a v6 that has a bad miss that he thinks is a bent valve. Thing about looks like new though.  Heck I told him I wouldn't even mind that one when its done. Said he shouldn't have more the 8k into it when hes done and the odometer is showing only 69k. Said hes got a line on another 2013 caddy with a 6.2 v8 in it that threw a rod. Now that one is going to really be calling my name.
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