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By Dave Bahde -Jan 13, 2020

The most-versatile AR-15 chambering in existence?

The 300 HAMíR, (far left 3 cartridges) shown alongside the cartridges is was designed to outperform, (from left to right: .300 BLK, 7.62x39mm, 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel) provides near-.308 Win. performance in a standard AR-15 platform. Along with loaded ammo, Wilson Combat also offers everything the handloader needs to roll their own, including un-primed brass and dies.

Designed to be the most versatile AR15 cartridge available today, the 300 HAMR was purpose built starting where the 300 BLK begins to fadeÖat range. Extending the 300 BLK case improved accuracy and consistency using proven .308 bullets. Increased capacity and Hodgdonís new CFE BLK powder bumped velocity as much as 200 f.p.s. with less pressure. Utilizing a 1:15Ē rifling twist rate optimized it for longer range consistency using bullets from 110 to 150 grains. Since being introduced it has taken numerous hogs, predators, even a 600+ pound elk doing exactly what it was designed to do. I have produced consistent sub-MOA accuracy out to 400 yards with barrel lengths from 11.5 to 18 inches from several rifles. This cartridge is not just marketing hype.

Wilson Combat 300 HAMíR

The carbine version of the 300 HAMíR Protector Series is fitted with a 16.25-inch stainless-steel/match-grade barrel with a mid-length gas system and 1:15Ē twist rate, tipped with Wilsonís Q-Comp combination flash hider/muzzle brake. Shrouding the barrel is a slim and very lightweight M-LOK compatible forend.
The only changes required to convert an AR-15 rifle to .300 HAMíR are a barrel and magazine, making it an easy swap. Everything else is standard AR-15, including the bolt, bolt carrier and buffer system. It will work in a pinch with a 5.56mm GI magazine, but is designed to use 300 BLK magazines. Wilson Combat offers several rifles and pistols, along with complete upper receivers and barrels from 8 to 20 inches. One of the first to test this caliber, I have extensive time on both the 11.3-inch pistol and 16.2-inch rifles.

Wilson Combat Protector Series

Mil-Spec/forged upper and lower receivers contain an upgraded bolt-carrier group, Mil-Spec safety and bolt catch and Wilson Combatís excellent M2 two-stage TTU trigger group, factory set for a crisp 4-pound pull. Topping this ultra-versatile carbine is an equally versatile and durable opticóthe Nightforce ATACR 1-8◊24 F1 riflescope, mounted in a 34mm Nightforce X-Treme Duty Ultralight Unimount.

The new Protector Series rifles are available in numerous calibers and purpose built as defense or self- and home-protection rifles. Starting with their forged upper and lower receivers the barrel is stainless steel, match grade, and button rifled. Capped with a WC Q-Comp, it is threaded 5/8Ē x 24 tpi to accommodate suppressors or other muzzle devices. The 16-inch 300 HAMíR tested here uses a mid-length gas system to provide smooth and cool operation with less recoil. Bolt carriers exceed mil-spec and include a Carpenter 158 Magnetic Particle Inspected bolt, one piece gas ring and chrome-silicon extractor and ejector springs. The handguard is slim and very lightweight, using M-LOK compatible slots for accessories. The trigger is Wilson Combatís M2 2-stage TTU module set to a crisp, repeatable, and proven reliable 4.5-5 pounds. The grip is a BCM with Wilson Combatís Starburst texturing, while the stock is an adjustable Wilson Rogers Super-Stock, keeping things very lightweight. Every Wilson Combat rifle tested has been among the lightest you can get, even compared to some using more exotic materials. My test rifle weighed in at only 6 pounds 3 ounces. Shipped in a custom nylon case, it includes one 30 round D&H 300 BLK magazine.

The level of consistency when it comes to accuracy has been one of this cartridgeís biggest assets. No matter the bullet weight or barrel length, it has proven to be a sub MOA performer, and more often than not, closer to half MOA. My best groups always come with the 110-grain Controlled Chaosóa bullet made specifically for the 300 HAMíR by Leigh Defense. Every group fired at 100 yards was under 0.75 inches, with my best 5-shot group measuring less than 0.50 inches edge to edge. Groups at 300 yards were in the 2.70- to 3.50-inch range across the board. Overall, it fairs much better than the 300 BLK at distance Wilson Combatís 300 HAMíR has the same energy on target at 300 yards as the 300 BLK does at roughly 150 yards, and with almost 10 inches less drop. Does everyone ďneedĒ that energy? Maybe not, but if you will see game animals (or threats) at 300 yards, the 300 HAMíR is a far better choice. Perceived recoil with this cartridge is about the same as a 300 BLK using stouter loads.

If you want one AR rifle to protect home, range, livestock and family, then take a look at the .300 HAMíRóit may be exactly what you need. See the new .300 HAMíR Protector Series at your nearest dealer, or for more information, contact Wilson Combat; Tel.: (800) 955-4856; Web:


Caliber/Gauge: .300 HAMíR

Barrel: 16.5 inch/1-15 Twist

OA Length: 39 inches extended

Weight: 6-pounds, 3-ounces

Sights: Flat Top Rail

Stocks/Grips: Rogers Stock, Wilson Combat Grip

Action: Rotating Bolt Direct Impingement

Finish: Hard Anodized

Capacity: Standard AR15 capacity (300 BLK magazine preferred)

Price: $1999.95

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