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With over 30 years of using natural remedies, this is one of the easiest things I now do on a daily basis with one or more of my Young Living essential oils. With everyone beginning to jump on the essential oil train, I wanted to visit about using them in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes. In other words, being proactive and supporting things like immune and digestive to avoid some of the things that get passed around so often. Not all essential oils are created equal so all of our posts will be referencing the brand Young Living for their purity and potency. I completely trust this company, the purity and guarantee give me peace of mind when using on my children and animals.

Each morning or evening, we each drop a few drops of our oils on our feet, rub them together. I will list seven of my favorites below and touch on some of their benefits. Essential oils are not greasy and within a few seconds or so, they are absorbed into the skin and I can quickly get going. These oils are especially helpful when back to school starts and all the kids share so much with others. Year after year, I watch the bugs go around and rarely, does our family succumb to them.

  • Lemon - cleansing, purifying. Uplifting scent which also great way to start the morning. This is a very cost effective way to stimulate your body and mind. Lemon is a great one for daily use and probably one of my most used products. I'll often use this one on my feet or lower back when feeling achy or feverish.
  • Thieves - Great blend of oils that has been historically used to strengthen during the worst of times. Inspired by the legend of 15th Century grave robbers, this has been a staple in our wellness arsenal. 1-2 drops a day on each foot goes a long way. This blend has inspired an entire line of cleaning products as well as personal products like toothpaste, mouthwash and soaps and it's benefits are still legendary to this day. When applying topically to skin, I will use a little coconut oil as a carrier.
  • Oregano - This herb has a long history in cooking, health and wellness lifestyles. Often overlooked, this is one that I will use in combination with Thieves or Lemon when someone becomes ill. It is part of the mint family and historically used for the wide range of supportive benefits. When applying topically to skin, I will use a little coconut oil as a carrier.
  • R.C. - this became my mother's favorite immediately and she used this every night before bed. She struggled with a stuffy nose for years. Once she started using this on a daily basis, her seasonal breathing struggles pretty much ceased to exist. R.C. is made up of a powerful blend of Spruce, Cypress, and three types of Eucalyptus oils. I love using this one before bed and will apply a few drops to my chest to help me breathe easy while sleeping.
  • DiGize - this oil blend isn't often loved for the scent but for the benefits alone. Most people do not like the smell of this one unless they are weird like me. I never leave home without this in my bag. Great for digestive. Most people have realized that when digestive system is working properly, the immune system is also strengthened.
  • Lavender - this is my before bed favorite go-to. I take two drops on my big toes before bed, rub my toes together. It is also a great one to run in the diffuser and can be paired with many others. It is known as the Swiss-Army knife of essential oils because it can pretty much be used for anything. I would challenge anyone to use this for 40 consecutive days and track their sleep. It has been said to be very beneficial for resetting/strengthening sleep cycles when used this way.
  • Frankincense - My all time favorite and my personal 'gateway oil' into the oily life. I use this directly on my face daily. My main love of essential oils comes from the benefits available when inhaling them. When I hit an all time low due to a family trauma, this helped me when battling emotional depression and despair. It changed my life. When in doubt, frankincense is always an excellent choice. Great also for 'mature' skin and safe for use on animals and children. I've used on wounds to help when recovering from injuries and am currently using to help as I grieve recent losses of both our mom and brother.
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Re: Proactive approach to wellness with 7 of my favorite essential oils
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2019, 11:34:40 AM »
Yes to this post!  I get sick with a cold virus, upper respiratory thing usually only once per year. Whatever they say about it's going to last two weeks with meds or fourteen without. Mine is more like 7 days and no additional junk like sinus infection or bronchitis. Like you said, we can take steps in the routine to keep the old immune system working well. Then, an extra boost of Thieves, Oregano, Lemon, and the like gets me going again fast. There's that supplement with the Thieves and Oregano already in capsules and I try to keep that on hand too but I'm so glad making my own capsules is super simple. Drink lots of pure water, too, folks. All day. And, yes, I love my cowboy coffee too. Just keep away from sugary drinks and sodas.
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Re: Proactive approach to wellness with 7 of my favorite essential oils
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2019, 01:39:11 AM »
I love to wear and diffuse yL Thieves oil during this time of year! And it smells like Christmas to me.

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Re: Proactive approach to wellness with 7 of my favorite essential oils
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2019, 09:46:44 AM »
Thank you for this thread, I have used Oil of Oregano for many years now, if I feel a sniffle of a sneeze, in a gel cap goes, and I never get sick.
Thank you for posting about the others as well.