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Just a Heads Up
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:01:26 AM »
I'm sure that most everyone is aware of Spammers from Nigeria and other 3rd world places have been targetting the free world (mostly USA).
Lately, they have been infiltrating online forums, especially gun forums, and online gun sales sites.
Recently, a Colt Forum member was scammed out of a four figue sum by one such scammer, using a NYC proxy IP address.
The scammer harvested internet images of a Colt SAA revolver, and the unsuspecting member fell prey to the bait.
Frequently, the Nigerian scammers join a gun forum, and make a couple quick posts, such as "that's real nice", or something generically similar.
After only a few postings, they can usually be found browsing items for sale, particularly guns.
Anyway, PLEASE be alert to these 3rd world pirates, because they are not going away anytime soon.
It is.....what it is...